Full Movie: Damad l Bhagwan, Krishna Kumari l 1951

Damad l Bhagwan, Krishna Kumari l 1951

Synopsis : Chamak(Bhagwan) is too simple a person,who is a teacher in a school,where even his students make his fun.He gets married to a rich man’s daughter-Geeta(Krishna kumari).Chamak loses his job and his Father in law takes him to his house in a bigger town.Chamak is impressed with all the wealthy living and eats like a hog and sleeps like a dog every day.Honoured initially as the Son in Law of the house,slowly he is despised,insulted and treated shabbily by in laws for doing nothing.One day when Chamak is singing alone,the manager of the local theatre hears him,gets impressed and offers him job of a singer.Chamak accepts it and in no time becomes a famous singer and tours All India.
Seeing that he is famous,his inlaws start pampering him.
Now Chamak has become clever.He teaches a lesson to his inlaws and finally they realise their folly and all is well that ends well.

Director: Brij Rani
Music: Indravadan Bhatt, Prof. Ram Panjwani, Shamoo
Main Cast: Bhagwan, Krishna Kumari… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Bima Productions
Release: 1951

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