Full Movie: Daaku l Super Hit Hindi Movie l Kabir Bedi, Bindu l 1975


Daaku l Super Hit Hindi Movie l Kabir Bedi, Bindu l 1975

Synopsis : Amrish Puri (Daku Panna) murders Bindu’s (Champa) family and kidnaps her. He puts her into a brothel. Kabir Bedi (Daku Raju)’s father is killed by Daku Panna and Daku Raja vows to take his revenge. One day Daku Raja goes to the same brothel where Champa had been dumped. There the two of them recognise each other as they had been childhood friends. Mangala and Daku Govind help them in getting married and Champa becomes Ratna. She soon gives birth to baby girl named Bela. But Daku Panna soon attacks Raju with his gang. Bela is sent to Dulari in the village because her parents fear her safety. After many years Daaku Raju and Ratna have grown old. They think of their daughter and come to the village. Sunil (Vijay Arora) a good Samaritan always thinks of Bela and doesn’t want her to get marry to the wrong person. When Bela meets her parents, she is elated. Her father soon kills Daku Panna and settles Bela’s wedding with the able groom.

Director: Basu Bhattacharya
Producer: Vijay Kumar
Music: Shyam Ganshyam
Main Cast: Amrish Puri, Kabir Bedi, Vijay Arora, Bindu.
Genre: Social
Banner: Panchsheel Arts
Release: 1975

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