Full Movie: Chupp l Jeetendra, Avinash Wadhavan, Om Puri, Somy Ali l 1997


Chupp l Jeetendra, Avinash Wadhavan, Om Puri, Somy Ali l 1997

Synopsis : An escaped convict Ashok, (JEETENDRA) seeks solace in the flat of a rich woman named Asha (SOMY ALI) who has just killed her husband, Keshup (OM PURI). Since both of them know each others terrifying secrets, they decide to help one another. Ashok helps Asha get rid of the body and then asks her why she killed her husband. Asha tells the tale of her being forced to marry Keshup and of being abused, raped, and molested after marriage. Her parents ignore her cries for help so she turns to her previous lover (AVINASH WADHAVAN) for help. Keshup in turn became suspicious of Asha’s loyalty to him so he would spy on her. His plans are altered, though, when work takes him to Madras. After Keshup leaves, Asha calls Avinash to her house and tells him her story of the rotten marriage. It is then that Keshup realizes that he forgot something and heads back to their flat. He catches Avinash and Asha together and flies into a rage. He tries to kill Asha and Avinash escapes to inform the police. How Keshup dies remains a mystery until the end of the movie. Asha claims that she escaped him and ran into another room. When she ran back out, Keshup was lying dead on the floor. Avinash never returns. Asha then asks Ashok his story but as she asks, the phone rings. The phone call is from an anonymous person who claims that he saw Asha and Ashok bury Keshup’s body and in blackmailing them for money. Asha and Ashok are then pulled into an unfathomable mystery where their lives are in grave danger unless they find out who the caller was. In the meanwhile, Asha learns that the plane her husband was supposed to leave on crashed half way to Madras. The police are searching for bodies and it is only time before they discover that Keshup was not on the plane – Also, there is a search party for Ashok.

Director: Ambrish Sanghal
Producer: Ramesh U. Lakhani
Main Cast: Jeetendra, Avinash Wadhavan, Om Puri, Somy Ali… more
Genre: Drama
Release: Feb 14, 1997

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