Full Movie: Chunauti l Dharmendra, Feroz Khan, Neetu Singh l 1980

Chunauti l Dharmendra, Feroz Khan, Neetu Singh l 1980

Synopsis : Shakti Singh, who became a daring dacoit to take revenge against the zamindars under whom , as a helpless farmer along with his mother, sister and brother and let lose an unprecedented terror among the village fok, transforms himself and becomes a son of the soil with his live for the land and sowing the seeds. . On the other hand, a hard-boiled dacoit Ajay Singh continues his murderous attacks on the village people. But in that very village, lives Vijay Singh with his mother and sister and looks after an orphanage as he believes that “orphans wont feel lonely, if we give them their parents love”. A daring youngster, his mission is to put an end to the decoit meace. Incidentally, he befriends Shakti Singh and both of them determine to bring dacoit Ajay Singh to the book of law. In the meanwhile, Roshni, whose parents had been murdered by Ajay Singh, also vows to kill him and take her revenge. The common purpose unites Vijay and Roshni with love. . But Ajay Singh comes to know about the people who are after his blood. Being well-wisher of the poor, first Ajay trys to tempt Vijay with his offer of financial assisiance to Vijays orphanage. A conscious citizen, Vijay rejects the offer and invites the wrath of the dacoit, follow a series of kidnaps by Ajay Singh. Wh kidnap whom ? How they are rescued ? Does Roshni Fulfills her vow ? Do Vijay and Shakti Singh succeed in their efforts to put an end to the decoit menace ?

Director: Satpal
Producer: Ratan Kanwar Bokadiya
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Dharmendra, Feroz Khan, Neetu Singh… more
Genre: Drama
Release: Mar 14, 1980

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