Full Movie: Chintamani Surdas l Anup Jalota, Alka Nupur, Gauri Khurana l 1988


Chintamani Surdas l Anup Jalota, Alka Nupur, Gauri Khurana l 1988

Synopsis : It is story of Saint Surdas, who was great devotee of Lord Krishna and about whom, while comparing his poet with others, one of the great poet Bihari said-Sur like a sun, Tulsi like moon and Keshav like star in the sky of literature of poetry. In childhood the name of the saint poet Surdas was Bilwe Mangal, who was born in Brahman family of Pandit Ramdas Chatruvedi. He was the only son of his father. From the childhood he was fond of poetry and used to recite his poems before his friends. Mangal got married with beautiful girl, but very simple in nature. Her name was Rambha. She never knew what was poetry. Because of her simplicty the heart of poet was broken. Chintamanee, the most renowed prostitute dancer of her time, gave resort to the broken heart of poet Mangal. Mangal fell madly in love with her and forgot the total world. Pt. Ramdas was shocked to see his son falling in love with a prostitute. He got heart attack and died. The wife of Mangal, Rambha could not bear this shock and she committed suicide. Mangal did not attend the funeral of his father due to mad love of Chinta. Chintamanee was shocked to see such a blind love of Mangal. She curse herself as she felt that she was the reason for it. She said to Mangal – you are a son of a literary Brahman. I cant show you the path of spiritualism, but I feel that as much as you love me, if you love god that much, you can get him also. The echo of Chintamanee’s words pierced the heart of Mangal. He grasped those words. He felt as the prevailing darkness around him started disappearing. He left Chinta and roamed temple to temple to get the enternal peace of mind. But to get salvation. From worldly love-bound feelings is very difficult. It may be easy to preach.

Director: Ram Pahwa
Producer: Ram Pahwa
Music: Ravindra Jain
Main Cast: Anup Jalota, Alka Nupur, Gauri Khurana, Rakesh Pandey… more
Genre: Devotional
Release: 1988

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