Full Movie: Chhoti Si Mulaqat 1967 – Dramatic Movie | Uttam Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Yogita Bali, Rajinder Nath.


Chhoti Si Mulaqat 1967 – Dramatic Movie | Uttam Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Yogita Bali, Rajinder Nath.

Director: Alo Sarkar
Producer: Uttam Kumar
Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Main Cast: Uttam Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Yogita Bali, Rajinder Nath.
Genre: Drama, Social
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Release: 1967

Synopsis: Roopa (Baby Yogitabali) is a young girl, who stayed with her parents and widowed grandmother . Roopa mother is a new age madern women and dream of uprising Roopa in the same western culture. While Roopa grandmother is simple and traditional. Roopa grandmother takes Roopa to their village for holiday. Here Roopa come to know her marriage was fixex by her grandmother with Rai Bahadur grandson. Rai bahadur wish Roopa to get marriegeto Rajjo, his grandson. Roopa grandmother tries to convince Rai Bahadur that she cannot allowed this marriage, without the concept of Roopa parentss. But Rai Bahadur was not give up. After a few day Rai Bahadur get heart attact. He asked Roopa grandmother to fullfill his last wish that he want to see Roopa and Rajjo’s marriage. she give up and innocent Roopa get married to Rajjo at the age of 15 only. Soon after the marriage Rai Bahadur passes away. Roopa grandmother feel gulty about the marriage, which was done behind his son. She send a letter to the Roopas father , Shanker (Tarun Bose) . When they come to know the situation, he looses coal and take Roopa back home. After returning he tell every thing to his wife. She get angeryand does not accept his marriage. She even make Roopa to get involve in various nactivities like singing and dancing to come over past.Years later Roopa grown up to be a very beautiful girl(Vyjantimala). Roopa goes to simla, at her aunty place, where she meet a young hand some man Ashok(Uttam Kumar) .Roopa and Ashok fall in love and they both give commitment to each other. Back in Mumbai, even Roopa’s mother accepts Ashok as Roopa groom and their arrangement get fixed. But on the very engagement day , howener its get disclosed that Roopa is already marriage . Roopa is in big dilemma, now, she con’t married Ashok and also can’t accept the person with whom she got merried as a child. Roopa now has to choose between her values and tradition and her only love.