Full Movie: Cheekh l Deepika, Madan Puri l 1985


Cheekh l Deepika, Madan Puri l 1985

Synopsis : Thakur Saheb (Madan Puri ) has harmed many by his acts of rape, murder etc. Sunil (Javed Khan), a sculptor used to accompany him. Deepa’s friend Rita (Madhu Malhotra) helped in settling the marriage of the duo – Deepa and Sunil. The Thakur agreed on one condition that they should stay with him only after marriage. Sunil and Deepa agreed and stayed in the Thakur’s haveli. Soon Rita’s fiance Rohit (Raza Murad) also joined them.

The four young people become good friends and start leading a fun-filled life. Some of Thakur’s enemies keep warning him that Sunil is trying to find out who he really is? But by then Thakur dies. Soon after him, his servant Ramu also dies. Inspector Chopra (Ram Mohan) starts suspecting that these are not accidental deaths but pre-planned murder. Meanwhile accidentally Sunil fires a bullet on Rohit. Sunil and Deepa hide his dead body among other statues by applying plaster of paris on him. Rita is unaware of this and after not finding Rohit, leaves for the city. But the series of deaths/ murders doesn’t end there. Now the killer is behind Deepa ? Who is this killer ? Is he Sunil ? or is even Sunil a victim ?

Director: Mohan Bhakri
Producer: K. M. Bhakri
Music: Nadeem-Shravan
Main Cast: Deepika, Madan Puri, Birbal, Rajinder Nath… more
Genre: Horror
Release: 1985

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