Full Movie: Chauranga l Sanjay Suri ,Tannishtha Chatterjee,Soham Maitra l 2016

Chauranga l Sanjay Suri ,Tannishtha Chatterjee,Soham Maitra l 2016

This is based on Dalit-Brahmin relations in the villages tells how Dalits are exploited. A fourteen-year-old Dalit boy (Soham Maitra) is growing up in an unnamed corner of India. His dream is to go to a town school like his elder brother (Riddhi Sen) and his reality is to look after the pig that his family owns. His only escape is to sit atop a Jamun tree and adore his beloved (Ena Saha) passing by on her scooter. His unspoken love is as true as his mother’s helplessness who cleans the cowsheds of the local brahmin’s mansion, with whom she also has a secret liaison. When the boy’s elder brother comes on a vacation to the village, he soon finds out about his younger brother’s infatuation. The learned elder brother makes him realize the need to express his love and helps him write a love letter.

Directed :- Bikas Ranjan Mishra
Produced :- Onir,Sanjay Suri,Mohan Mulan
Written :- Bikas Ranjan Mishra
Starring :- Sanjay Suri , Tannishtha Chatterjee, Soham Maitra.

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