Full Movie: Chahat l Biswajeet, Jeetendra, Mala Sinha, Mumtaz l 1971 problem

Chahat l Biswajeet, Jeetendra, Mala Sinha, Mumtaz l 1971 problem

Synopsis : It is a story of a child Ashok whos mother died soon after delivery, which is considered a bad omen. Ashoks father happends to be an edict of alchohol and more concerned with himself than the child, in due course re-marries. Ashok loves the step mother so much, that his love and affection is reciprocated by the step-mother unlike others. Ashok in course of time gets a step brother Arun. Both the children love each other, surprising all people around inspite of being step brothers. . Geeta, a girl in the neighbour-hood, is a constant visitor giving company to both Ashok and Arun. . Aruns mother has a brother, always teasing Ashok and trying to poison the mind of his sister, but Aruns mother invariably rebukes her brother and take sides with Ashok, whom she loves more than her own son. As usual, the father happens to come home late in the night completely drunk, tipsy and even rowdy, Very often he assaults his second wife, whenever she cautioned him about his behaviour so that both the children may not get prejudiced against him. The children ofcourse watched tha fathers behaviour, realise the miserale plight of their mother and many a time, Ashok gets upset and asks his mother why she does not protest, and the mother pacifies him to keep cool. . And one night, when the father returned durnk and belabours the mother Ashok comes out of his room and stands between them and protests against the Father. Father gets furious against the impertinent son Ashok and in trying to hit the boy slips down the stairs and succumbs to his inuries, Both mother and son get stunned at the suddenness of the fatal accident. . The mother however, gives a different report to the police to save Ashok, saying that her husband had an accidental fall being drunk and tipsy before anybody could help him. . But Ashok starts developing a complex that he has really killed his own Father. . Both the children grow up and the girl Geeta too, and they are always seen together as three inseparable friends. . Geeta loves Ashok and he becomes aware of it, but they do not recogniese the fact that the younger brother Arun thinks that Geeta loves him only. Geetas affection and tenderness towards Arun is misconstrued as love and he believes that Geeta also loves him and he has no idea that Geeta loves none else but Ashok. . Both the families of Ashok and Geeta go for a change to a hill station and Geeta is accompanied by her cousin sister, so that Arun could fall in love with her. . Deepavali festival comes in between and the same is celebrated with all pomp and grandeur and as illuck would have it, a cracker lit by Ashok explodes on Aruns face, and when taken to the hospital, he was declared to have lost his eyesight. . This is the second incident in the family, makes Ashok responsible and he looks completely shattered and bewildered. . . Ashok tells Arun different stories about Geeta that she is seriously ill and could not propose, and a day comes when Ashok announces Geeta to be dead thinking that time alone will heal the temporary wound that is created by news of Geetas death. Ashok acompanys Arun to partici- pate in all function throughout India to keep him away from Geeta. . Geeta however, could not guess the reson for the absence of Ashok and Arun from the house. She confesses with the mothr who is equally stunned at Ashoks fostering the lie not to shock his brother Arun whom, Geeta never loved. . She insists on Geeta meet Arun and make a clean breast of the entire situation and avoid further complication and Geeta manages to meet Arun. Arun gets surprised that his brother should have told him Geeta was dead. He never could know why Ashok had to tell him a lie. Arun charges Ashok and now even believes that Ashok deliberately killed his fatehr and at the same time, made blind. Unfortunate as it is Ashok had no answer.

Director: Homi Bhattacharya
Producer: G. M. Roshan
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Biswajeet, Jeetendra, Mala Sinha, Mumtaz… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1971

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