Full Movie: Chachi 420 l Kamal Haasan, Tabu l 1997


Chachi 420 l Kamal Haasan, Tabu l 1997

Synopsis : Janki marries Jaiprakash without his parents permission. The couple is finally blessed with a daughter but due to some differences Janki leaves Jaiprakash and moves back in with her parents. Jaiprakash disguised as a woman enters Janki’s house to meet his daughter. Complications arise when Durgaprasad gets attracted to Laxmi and wants to marry ‘her’.

Director: Kamal Haasan
Producer: Kamal Haasan, Chandra Haasan
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Main Cast: Gulzar, Kamal Haasan, Tabu, Baby Sana… more
Genre: Comedy
Release: Dec 19, 1997

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