Full Movie: Chacha Chowdhary l Raja Paranjpe, Shashikala l 1953

Chacha Chowdhary l Raja Paranjpe, Shashikala l 1953

Synopsis : CHACHA CHOWDHARY was a story of twin brothers separated early in life. Keshav(Raja Paranjape) goes to Zanzibar in Africa and becomes very rich businessman there. Madhav(Raja Paranjape) becomes a wellknown Surgeon in India. Once Dr.Chaudhary has to operate on his own wife and she dies in that operation. Dr.Chowdhary becomes mad and is kept in an Asylum. meanwhile the Zanzibar businessman Keshav traces his distant nephew Annasaheb Chaudhary in Pune and informs him that he intends to return to India and stay with them.
On the day the Zanzibar chacha comes to Poona, same day Dr.Chaudhary escapes from the asylum and they get mixed up. Police and Hospital staff catch the businessman(due to extreme resemblance) and take him to the asylum disregarding his pleas. Dr.Chaudhary reaches Annasaheb’s house where he is welcomed as the wealthy chacha from Africa.
Annasaheb’s(S.N.Banerji) house is a madhouse already. His wife Sumati(Durga Khote) is very fond of western culture, fashion and is learning classical music from a Madrasi Teacher(Dhumal) who stays in this house only, the elder son Vasant(Rajan) is fond of Races, Daughter Uma(Shashikala) is learning dance and music from a Dance Master Chandranath(Kamal Mehra), who stays in this house only and finally the youngest son is fond of machines and contineously repairs machines.There is a cook and food is prepared separately for each person.Poor Annasaheb is a sad person.
The story entails how the mad Chacha Chowdhary brings every member on the right track. Thinking of his wealth, no one opposes him. He drives out the cook, Music Master and the Dance master (who has an affair with his student Shashikala and has made her pregnant).He forces the wife Sumati to cook and do household chores. All these things are very funny. He also helps Vasant to get a job,and gets Shashikala married to the master and puts the younger son in Engineering college.
Meanwhile, the Zanzibar businessman escapes from the mad House and reached Chowdhary’s house. He confronts Dr.Chowdhary. Both recognise each others as lost brothers, but the Police and Hospital staff arrive and take away their patient back to asylum.

Director:Raja Paranjape
Music:Madan Mohan
Main Cast:Raja Paranjpe, Shashikala, Durga Khote, Kamal Mehra, Dhumal, S.N. Banerjee, Maruti Rao
Banner:Kardar Productions

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