Full Movie: Burmah Road l Ashok Kumar, Sheikh Mukhtar, Kumkum l 1962


Burmah Road l Ashok Kumar, Sheikh Mukhtar, Kumkum l 1962

Synopsis : Burmah Road Camp was the Indian Military outpost on the Eastern Frontier of India during the World War II. The Japenese had made many incursions on the Indian Territory and Burmah Road Camp also threatened. The Japenese Spy-ring was very active and they were adopting all sorts of tactics to gain information. Suneel was a leiutenant and Deepa was a WAC who was, altohough known to Suneel was not chummy with him but just the same Suneel had a soft corner her. Suneel was also afraid of Deepa, lest she told her father, Colonel Shamsher Jung, who commanded the regiment. . Time offered an opportunity. It was a common calamity. The Japanese bombarded the Burmah Road Camp. Suneel and Deepa took shelter in a deserted hotel. When all was clear towards sundown, they found themselves interned in the place and not finding a wayout, decided to pass the night in the hotel. This brought them together and they decided to unite in the wedlock. . Suneel had an elder brother Ashok who was a pick pocket and a happy-go lucky chap. He went about the departmental stores as a dany with his side-kicks, Mohan Choti and Jerry Mason feigning business. But the fact was, they were doing nothing but releving the unwarry of their purses. Ashok once made a clean sweep on Col. Shamshers pocket as well. It so happened that Col. Shamsher Consented to the marriage of Suneel and Deepa and in order to celebrate the engagement Suneel asked his brother Ashok to come and join him. Ashok came in disguise. Whe the rites were over, the Military police arrested Ashok on charges of Spying for the Japenese. Ashok couldnt prove himself innocent since the Japense spies had planted a letter in his pocket and it came in the hands of police. Ashok was arrested and even Suneel was suspected to have truck with his brother. Ashok was sentenced to face the firing squad and the Colonel asked Suneel to shott his brother himself. Ashok was taken to the place of execution but Lo! before Suneel raised his gun, the Japenese bombers raided and everybody ran for his life and so did Ashok, who was now a free man. . In the meanwhile, the Army strength at the camp turned out to be very inadequate and Bradier Bahadur Khan instructed Col. Shamsher to surrender till fresh reinforcement could be sent. The Japenese feigne friendship to Col. Shamsher and made him a colonel of the Japenese army as well. Suneel, Deepa, Ashok and all other patriots went underground to fight the Japenese. Even Col. Shamsher, who was supposed to be on the side of the enemy, helped this underground movement. The Japenese wanted to Ashok to be on their side and they sent a temptress called Shane to hook Ashok. Shane fell madly in love with Ashok and remained with Ashok as an underground worker. The underground movement gained strength and in due course was able to overthrow the Japenese rule in Burma Road Camp and else where. Deepa and Suneel were united in wedlock on the free soil of India.

Director: Tara Harish
Music: Chitragupta
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Sheikh Mukhtar, Kumkum, Vijaya Choudhury, Moti Sagar, Uma Dutt, Mohan Choti, Murad, Satish, Bupet Raja, Jeevan Kala, Nawab Kadri, Ajit, Ratan Gaurang, Prem Sagar
Genre: Action
Banner: Films Fountain
Year: 1962

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