Full Movie: Buniyaad l Shatrughan Sinha, Yogita Bali l 1972

Buniyaad l Shatrughan Sinha, Yogita Bali l 1972

Synopsis : Balbir, convicted for murder, swears vendetta against the judge but changes his mind because the judge is the father of his kid sister. The judges evil wife Salomi who has seduced Ajit and ruined Balbirs lover is found dead. Ajit and Balbir face murder charges. The climax resolves the crisis. – Balbir though poor but a brilliant student wins prizes in different activities of the college and receives the trophies from Session Judge Aziz Ahmed who was the chief guest of the function. Sudden turn of fate once again brings Balbir and Aziz Ahmed face to face but this time Balbir was guilty of murder. Judge Aziz Ahmed a person of great understanding though pronounces ten years rigorous imprisonment for Balbir, but at the same time on humanitarian basis brings the kid sister of Balbir. Shalini in his house. He brings her up as his own daughter. Balbir unaware of the obligations of Judge Aziz Ahmed always dreams of vendetta during the course of impriosnment. . Shalini and Ajit two young lovers fall for each other at the very first sight, but Ajit had a past that ultimately became the obstacle in his love and life. He was seduced once by a Cabaret dancer Salomi, the evil incarnate. She was one of those evils of the society who only brought misfortunes and destructions to individuals and society. . It is revealed ultimately that she was none but the divorced wife of Session Judge Aziz Ahmed, whom she had deserted only to achieve materialistic gains. And then the gate of the jail was opened: ten years passed and Balbir came out only to march towards the house of Aziz Ahmed with one sole motto to “kill him”. But he could not do so when he discovered that Aziz Ahmed had given to his own sister the best of life. On the other side Salomi in order to destroy the happiness of Ajit and Shalini, the adopted daughter of Aziz Ahmed trie to get Shalini raped by the stooges. However, she is saved by Radha, a prostitute who had been nursing silent love for Balbir. . Salomi the embodiment of evil compels Maya, Balbirs beloved to adopt life of Shame and that results in a tragic suicide committed by Maya. Balbir swears vendetta against Salomi. On the other side Ajits father also dies in harness, on discovering that she had actually designs for his son. Ajit also swears vendetta against Salomi. . Both the young boys, Ajit and Balbir march to the Cabaret hall to kill Salomi, were she was giving grand cabaret performance. Salomi was murdered. The evil of the society was destroyed, but in the process of destruction whether the lives of these two boys have destroyed or not.

Director: Virendra Sinha
Producer: Virendra Sinha
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Shatrughan Sinha, Yogita Bali… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1972

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