Full Movie: Bin Maa Ke Bachche l Dev Kumar, Leela Chitnis, Tanuja l 1980

Bin Maa Ke Bachche l Dev Kumar, Leela Chitnis, Tanuja l 1980

Synopsis : Bina Maa ke Bacche starring Tanuja (Ganga), Dr. Sri Ram Lagoo (Moti Ram), Bindu (Kamla), Ashok, Gauri & Raju. Moti Ram works in Mumbai in a cloth mill. Ganga is Moti Ram’s wife and stays in village with their son Ashok. Ganga is pregnant.During Holi Moti Ram comes to village to see his wife and son. Kamla and Raju are the neighbours.But they are forced to move out as Raju has bad habits. They go to Ganga’s house. Ashok is very good in studies. Ganga dies giving birth to her daughter. Kamla assures Moti Ram that she will take good care of kids so he goes back to Mumbai and sends money every month. She mistreats the children. Raju starts stealing. In Mumbai Moti Ram loses his hand in an accident and becomes depressed. Moti Ram wants to bring the kids to Mumbai. Raju steals money and runs away. Will MotiRam find his kids and live happily everafter?

Director: Satyen Bose
Producer: Ashok
Music: O. P. Nayyar
Main Cast: Dev Kumar, Leela Chitnis, Tanuja, Bindu… more
Genre: Drama
Release: 1980

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