Full Movie: Bhoola Bhatka l Kiran Kumar, Usha Solanki l 1975

Bhoola Bhatka l Kiran Kumar, Usha Solanki l 1975

Synopsis : Collegian Ram Khanna lives a wealthy lifestyle in India along with his widowed mother, a brother, Gopi, and sister, Roopa. He has a sweetheart in fellow-collegian, Jaya, and when their term gets over, he brings her to his palatial home to introduce to his mother. To his surprise he finds out their home has been sold in an auction, their assets have been embezzled, and his mother and siblings have moved to a room in a Chawl. He goes there, meets them, finds out that Gopi is seriously ill, and goes to find money to get him admitted in a hospital. He returns with the money, but Gopi passes away. Shortly thereafter the Police arrive and arrest him for killing Hiralal, their former Munim, and stealing money from him. In Court, he is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. He attempts to escape but is prevented by a prison guard, Mohan. It is here that he will find out that his mother has passed away in an accident, and Roopa is missing. Ten years later, he gets into a physical confrontation with another prison guard, assaults him, manages to escape, with the police hot on his tail. He goes to confront his late father’s business partners, Ghanshamdas and Shyamlal, and this is where he will find that his girlfriend is now married to Ghanshamdas. Watch what impact this has on Ram, and what action he takes to first of all hide from the police, survive and feed himself, and at the same time try and locate his missing sister.

Director: Ashwini Kumar
Music: Kalyanji-Anandji
Main Cast: Kiran Kumar, Usha Solanki… more
Genre: Action
Banner: Angel Movies
Release: 1975

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