Full Movie: Bhed Bhav l Madhu Malini, Neeta Mehta l 1988

Bhed Bhav l Madhu Malini, Neeta Mehta l 1988

Synopsis : Kishan and Puja studying at a medical college were in love with each other but as Kishan hailed from a lower caste family, Puja’s father had settled her marriage with the son of a powerful Thakur. The Thakur demanded a huge dowry. Puja revolted and beat all Baratees but her Sari caught fire and burnt her face. In the same village Akhtar loved Phulva, a Brahmin girl. She elopes with him and the village bursts into a communal riot. Humanitarian Baba Ram tries pacify the rioters but falls a victim of their fury. Puja was cured of her burns and married Kishan.

Director: Navin Kumar
Producer: Bhupat Giri
Music: Shayam Ghanshyam
Main Cast: Madhu Malini, Neeta Mehta, Tariq Shah… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1988

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