Full Movie: Bhaabhi l Bhanu Priya, Govinda, Gulshan Grover, Juhi Chawla l 1991


Bhaabhi l Bhanu Priya, Govinda, Gulshan Grover, Juhi Chawla l 1991

Sita lives a middle-class lifestyle with her retired and widowed schoolmaster dad, Ramdas. One day she is molested by Prakash and slaps him. A few days later, wealthy Ghanshyamdas, a former pupil of Ramdas, approaches him to ask for Sita’s hand in marriage for his son. The marriage takes place, Sita re-locates to Prakash’s house and family, consisting of Prakash’s mom, Shanti; his married sister, Shobha, whose husband is Police Inspector Sudhir; a cousin brother, Amar; and Shanti’s brother, Rakesh, who had also attempted to molest Sita. Shanti and Shobha had wanted Prakash to get married to wealthy & gorgeous Sonia, are quite peeved with Sita, they abuse her both physically and verbally, while Prakash makes it clear that he only married her to get even for getting slapped. Things get worse after Ghanshyamdas passes away, and the rest of the family, save for Amar, attempt to burn Sita. Amar comes to her rescue, and together they conceive a plot to get even as wealthy Kamini and her

Movie :- BHABHI 1991
PRODUCER :- Jawaharlal Bafna & Vasant Doshi
DIRECTOR :- Kishore Vyas
CAST :- Bhanu Priya, Govinda, Gulshan Grover, Juhi Chawla, Ajeet Vachani & Anand Balaraj

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