Full Movie: Bewaqoof (English Subtitles) l Kishore Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Mala Sinha l 1960

Bewaqoof (English Subtitles) l Kishore Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Mala Sinha l 1960

Synopsis : After ten years of married life, Rai Bahadur Nek Niatrai is blessed with a son whom names Kishore. At about the same time, Nitari becomes father of another son from a different source, as a result of a clandestine affair with one Meher, the two births taking place at the same hospital and in the same week. This child is namd Pran. Being on exacting, vicious nature, Meher forces Nitarai to exchange her son Pran for his natural son Kishore, so that her son will have all the advantages of the up-bringing that Nitrai can provide with his wealth and social standing. But somehow, the exchange never takes place, for the nurse appointed to do the job, funsk at the last moment thorugh pangs of conscience, so that Kishore remains Kishore and Pran remains Pran. But only the nurse knows the fact, for the others concerned in the plot, viz. Meher and Nitarai, continue to believe that the e exchange has taken place. As a result, Nitarai begins to hate Kishore bitterly, while showering all his attention to Pran who is well-housed and cared for. In this atmosphere of love and hatred, the two boys grow up, their one passion being boxing. Many are their encounters in the ring, but time proves Kishore to be the better boxer, licking Pran everytime they meet. One of these victories so enrage Nitarai that he drives Kishore out of his house. Unable to find any reason for this strange behaviour of her husband, Kishores mother too leaves the house to be by her sons side always. . Kishore grows up into a carefree, robust, gay youngman, always full of laughter and jokes ready for cracking! In fact, such is the enormity of his tomfoolery that he could well earn the title of a “fool”. From the moment Kishore Kumar takes the stage in the role of Kishore, the screen-fare becomes a riot of comedy, fun and frolick. Once again, as young men, Kishore and Pran meet in the boxing ring. Pran is now a famous boxer, having a large following fans. Kishore is little known. When they enter the ring, Kishore has none to second him, whereas Pran was hundereds. But of all these, Pran choses a lovely girl as his second. She is Mala. Out of sheer pity, a member of the audience, I.S. Johar, enters the ring to assist Kishore. Kishore fascinated by Malas beauty. He sees in her a very modern girl, passionately interested in boxing. He fights in his best. Soon Pran, is in difficulties. He knows that he cant beat Kishore in a fair fight. He must play fowl. He packs a ring in his right glove which knocks Kishore out of the count. When Kishore recovers consciousness, he wants to fight Pran again, but i stold that under boxing rules, he cant have a return fight until six months have passed. . Kishore is furious. Six months! He must fight Pran soon! But how? Johar now becomes Kishores close friend and adviser. The two st down and is plan, and soon hit upon an idea! A coloured boxer called Bom Bom is due to arrive in Bombay from Madras at the invitation of the Youths Club to fight Pran. He is being accompanied by his coloured Manager Tom Tom. Johar and Kishore cancel Bom Boms engagement in Bombay by a telegram, and themselves take Bom Boms and Tom Toms places by the simple devise of balcekining their faces. As Bom Bom, Kishore finds ample opportunity to make love to Mala, and the two are concerned in some of the most hilarious scenes ever seen on the screen.

Director: I. S. Johar
Producer: I. S. Johar
Music: S. D. Burman
Main Cast: Kishore Kumar, Mala Sinha, Vinod Mehra, Hiralal, Pran… more
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Johar Films
Release: 1960

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