Full Movie: Baton Baton Mein l Amol Palekar, Tina Munim l 1979


Baton Baton Mein l Amol Palekar, Tina Munim l 1979

Synopsis : Nancy Pareira (Tina Munim) is a middle-class catholic working girl, who she thinks has seen many heart-breaks and hardships in her life. Thanks to this, she has developed a very reserved nature and is unhappy with the way things are going on in her life. She has a mother Rosy (Pearl Padamsee), who is keen to get her married as soon as possible, and a brother Saby (Ranjit Chaudhary) who has only one passion in his life – music. On the other hand, Tony Briganza (Amol Palekar) is a simple boy who has just began working. However, his mother (Piloo Wadia) is very dominating in his matters, whereas his father (Arvind Deshpande) is very understanding. Tony and Nancy meet in train through Nancy’s uncle Tom (David), who likes Tony very much. Within a short time, Nancy and Tony meet on many more occasions and come close to each other. Nancy even forgets her heart-break, and is almost ready to start afresh with Tony. Although they both have never confessed to each other, but they are really interested in going a step further in their relationship. But troubles brews up when Tony’s mother who is keen that Tony marries a girl from a high-class family bumps into Nancy’s mom Rosy and is turned off by her impatient and loud nature. She clearly rejects Nancy, and wants Tony never to meet her again. On the other hand, Nancy’s ego is hurt due to an indifferent behaviour shown by Tony in front of his mother at the Cinema. Unfortunately, even Tony refrains himself and they stop meeting. However, the misunderstanding is sorted out soon and they decide to get married.

Director: Basu Chatterjee
Producer: Basu Chatterjee
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Main Cast: Amol Palekar, Tina Munim, Pearl Padamsee, Ranjit Chowdhry.
Genre: Comedy
Release: Apr 13, 1979

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