Full Movie: Barkha Bahar l Rekha, Navin Nischol l 1973

Barkha Bahar l Rekha, Navin Nischol l 1973

Synopsis : Claimed to be based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel, the film tells of a prostitute, who is facing trial for the murder of a millionaire. The public prosecutor realises that he is responsible for the woman becoming a prostitute. His soul asks him that if she is to be awarded capital punishment, what punishment should be given to him for making her lead such a life? The public prosecutor, Mr. Rahul, while pleading in the court, thundered, “Champa Bai, a prostitute, is a blot and a great slur on the name of Society”. He said that she has looted one of the richest person of the city, Mr. Rangilal, of his entire wealth. When she found that the millionaire was getting out of her clutches, she murdered him brutely. So he pleaded that Champa Bai should be awarded captial punishment. But Champa Bai, the prostitute, stood silent like a statue – her silence carried a hidden story of her innocence. The Public Prosecutor, while accusing her, stared at her face, and was stunned to realise that Champa Bai was one other than the innocent village girl, Ganga who had sacrificed her love, life and everything for the happiness of Rahul, the Public Prosecutor – himself.

Director: Amar Kuar
Music: Amar Kumar
Main Cast: Rekha, Navin Nischol.
Genre: Social
Banner: Prahlad Kumar
Release: 1973

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