Full Movie: Banmanush 1980 | Action Movie |Dara Singh, Padma Khanna

Banmanush 1980 | Action Movie |Dara Singh, Padma Khanna

Director : Kamran Khan
Producer : Kamran Khan
Music : Chand Pardesi
Year : 1980
Cast: Dara Singh, Padma Khanna, Kamran, Uma Dhawan, Mohan Choti, Sunder, Ratan Mala, Monal – I, Rajan Kapoor, Habib, Hameed Khan, Sawan, Chachi, Sabir, Ramjanam Singh, Danny Jr., Jagdeep

Synopsis: Gyan Chand killed a baby Chimpanzee in the jungle during a treasure hunt. The mother Chimpanzee took revenge on Gyan Chand by carrying away his son and leaving the dead body of her child instead. The remorse-laden Gyan Chand returned to the city. After a year his wife begot another son. . Ram, the elder child was brought up by the mother Chimpanzee as her own son. He became Ban Manush – The Lord of the jungle. The younger child Lakhan grew up in the city amidst luxury. Unknown to each other the two sons came to represent different values of life. . Meanwhile Meena and her uncle went to the jungle in search of the lost treasure. She however fell into the hands of eannibals. She was saved in the nick of time by Ban Manush and they fell in love with each other, later they begot a son. . In the meantime Lakhan had fallen into bad company and was persuaded by Maya and Richard to steal the map of the lost treasure and come to the jungle. However the gang could not find the treasure because of Ban Manush. They therefore kidnapped the son of Ban Manush to have him into the City and to make the jungle free for their treasure hunt.

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