Full Movie: Bankelal l Prithviraj Kapoor, Sulochana l 1972

Bankelal l Prithviraj Kapoor, Sulochana l 1972

Synopsis : Banakelal of Banaras is so addicted to drinking that he even mortgages with the wine – vendor the “Mangal Sutra” of his wife for drinks. After a while Banakelal somehow manages to collect some money to get back the “Mangal Sutra”. But the wine-vendor refuses and in the fight gets killed. Banakelal, the suspect, vanishes from the scene to escape arrest. Meanwhile, Raja Babu, a landlord, fixes the marriage of Banakelals daughter with one of his debtors. But having evil intentions, Raja Babu sees to it that the dowry is not paid. The marriage is thus broken and the girl commits suicide. Finally, Banakelal emerges from oblivion, when it is proved that he was not the murderer and Raja Babu is punished for his evil deeds.

Director: Ratan Kumar
Producer: Ratan Kumar
Music: Pardeshi
Main Cast: Prithviraj Kapoor, Sulochana… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1972

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