Full Movie: Arpan l Nimmi, Sheila Ramani, Sitara l 1957


Arpan l Nimmi, Sheila Ramani, Sitara l 1957

Synopsis : This episode of Bhikshu Anand, the youngest and the closest disciple of Gautama the Buddha deals with the two girls in love with him, one a chaandal girl (untouchable) who fell passionately in love with the monk, because he recongnised her as an eqyal hauman being by accepting water from her hands and the other a princess who was very greatly impressed by the magnaninmity of his radiant personality. . In her eagerness to possess his the chandal girl uses the “tantric” spell and almost destroys the very object she loved so much. On the other hand the princess sacrifices her life to the great cause he had entrusted himself to. This example of selflessness of ther love and sacrifice brings about a completer transformation in the chandal girl, and with the help of Lord Buddha she accepts the way of the eight fold path path of life. . The incidents as put forth in this motion picutre are based on the Buddhist legends, the available historical facts and those more intimate and dramatic episodes, which historians have failed to record, but have passed from monk to monk through the passage of time.

Director : Chetan Anand
Starring : Nimmi, Sheila Ramani, Sitara, Chetan Anand, Kumkum, Sapru, Krishna Dhawan
Music Director : Jai Dev
Year : 1957

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