Full Movie: Ankhon Mein Tum Ho 1997 – Romance | Ashok Kumar, Rakhee, Suman Ranganathan.

Ankhon Mein Tum Ho 1997 – Romance | Ashok Kumar, Rakhee, Suman Ranganathan.

Director: Ashim Samanta
Producer: Shakti Samanta, Ashim Samanta
Music: Anu Malik
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Rakhee, Suman Ranganathan, Pramod Moutho.
Genre: Romance
Release: Dec 26, 1997

Synopsis: This is a story about mother and son who love each other a lot, Pratap (Sharad Kapoor), Rani Maa (Raakhee). He takes care of her mother because she being disabled. As Pratap is a businessman he is unable to be at home all the time. Prem (Rohit Roy) is alone looking after Dadaji (Ashok Kumar) who is very friendly with him. Prem was passing in his car, when he watches a dance performance of Pooja (Suman Ranganathan) on TV. He fells in love at first sight. Prem could not think of staying without her and tells the story to his Dadaji. Hence Rani Maa wants to get Pratap married, as soon as possible. After rejecting lots of photographs, she sees cover page magzine photo of Pooja and firmly decides on her for Pratap. On the other side, Prem takes Pooja to his home and introduces her to Dadaji, he also pleaded with Pooja as Shastriji astrologer passes by their house he just peeps inside to meet Kapoor. Kapoor asks Shastriji to see the kundali of both but he denies it. He says that, if Prem marries this girl, after a year of their marriage Prem will have an accident and she will become widower. Or if she marries any other person, some thing will happen to him. Dadaji realises this fate and he decided not to let Prem get married with Pooja any how. Prem gets upsets with his life and strats drinking heavily. Rani Maa who really loves Pooja, who is daughter of an employee who works with Rani Maa asks for Pratap. Shastriji tells same truth to Rani Maa but she refuses to believe in this fate and takes decision to marry Pooja with Pratap. Pratap and Pooja is forcibly sent to Switzerland for their honeymoon by Rani Maa. Being happy with Pooja, Pratap wants to drive and he asks Mamaji as he lends the keys to Pratap for them to go for ride. Brakes of the car failed as Pratap throws Pooja out of car safely but he suggests Pooja not to save himself and he dies in the accident. Mamaji comes to help Pooja but he suggests Pooja not to tell this to Rani Maa as she is under treatment and will be shocked. Prem’s friend convince Pooja about Prem and she gets good advice for him, because of Pooja, Prem leaves drinking and became like he was before. As Pooja returns home, she feels very uncomfortable as Rani Maa asks about Pratap. As per Mamaji’s advice she comes home as if nothing was happened to Pratap. Here Mamaji finds Pratap’s step brother who looks like him. At the time of Durga Pooja, Ranjeet (Sharad Kapoor) comes in front of Pooja she fells how this could be happened, but Rani Maa realise that he is Pratap, as Pratap never missed Durga pooja, wherever he is. Pooja comes to know about Ranjeet and Ranjeet tries to kill her but he fails in his efforts. With behaviour of Ranjeet , Rani Maa has some suspicion. Realization comes in her way, and both tried to kill Rani Maa and they do so. As Prem is advocate Pooja tells truth about Pratap’s accident and asks him for help. Ranjeet appears in court but could address proper of his whereabouts and he starts abusing in the court and became violent as he attacks Prem. The judge comes to know the real story. And, there is a happy ending for Prem.

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