Full Movie: Anjaam Khuda Jaane 1988 l Danny Denzongpa, Gulshan Grover l Hindi Full Movie HD


Anjaam Khuda Jaane 1988 l Danny Denzongpa, Gulshan Grover l Hindi Full Movie HD

Synopsis : Jamal and Pratap are great friends and both are existing for each other. They are staying wtih an old widow who regards them more than her own son. Pratap has a younger step brother (Nagesh), whom he is bringing up and educating with great difficulty, whereas Jamal is in love with a dancing girl Sitara. She has a dream of becoming Jamal’s wife. One day the wheel of fortune takes such a drastic turn that Jamal is sentenced for five years on the charge of murder and other friend becomes the top boss of the underworld. . Jamal comes out as a reformed man from the jail and it happens one day that Prataps brother Nagesh comes to Jamal’s house. He rapes and kills Jamal’s sister Radha. Jamal comes home with the bridals dress and ornaments and finds his sister dead. Jamal while lighting the pyre of his sister takes an oath to light pyre of his sister’s killer on the same spot. The search of the killer brings Jamal face to face with Pratap. Friendhsip veneges into enemity.

Release date : 1988
Language : Hindi
Actors : Danny Denzongpa, Gulshan Grover, Imtiaz Khan
Director : Tahir Akhoon
Producer : Tahir Akhoon
Writer : Tahir Akhoon

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