Full Movie: Amavas Ki Raat – अमावस की रात lJaved Khan, Kamna, Kiran Kumar l 1990

Amavas Ki Raat – अमावस की रात lJaved Khan, Kamna, Kiran Kumar l 1990

Synopsis : Amawas Ki Raat revolves around Tantrik who best tows his knowledge to his wife Nanda hoping that she wiliest it for the good of humanity. Now Tantric Nanad receive a letter from her sister Nanda who reveals that she is in the seventh month of pregnancy and has been discarded by society in panic Nanda goes to meet her sister Sunanda but it is tool late. Sunanda breaths her last in Nandas hands overwhelmed by emotions and anger nanda swears over the dead body of her sister to take revenge on society. Through her Tantric Vidya she gives birth to her dead sisters child on seeing this her husband the Master Tantric warns her that what she is doing is against the principles of tantra vidya as the child born would be ademon… born on the 13th day of the month on Amawas ki Raat. The great tantrics prediction come true. The demon child grows up to be a dreaded killer on every Amawas ki Raat he roams the streets in the darkness of the night and brutally murders innocent people with reason D.I.G. Vindo Saxena is assigned with the task of catching the killer on one Amawas ki Raat he comes face of face with the killer and succeeds in shooting him down. Nanda with her tantric vidyas revives the demon from his grave as a result of which he becomes more frightening and he turns his anger to ward D.I.G. Vinod Saxenas family and near and dear ones one by one the D.I.G.s family members are killed. The Master Tantric, shocked and baffled Approaches D.I.G. Vindo Saxena and reveals the secret of killing the Demon to him

Director : Mohan Bhakri
Producer : Vinay Malhotra
Cast : Javed Khan, Kamna, Kiran Kumar, Kunica, Birbal, Huma Khan, Jagdeep, Karisma, Madhu Malhotra, Manek Irani, Mayur, Prakash Mishra, Rakesh Bedi, Rinku & Sunil Dhavan
Year: 1990

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