Full Movie: Achhut Kanya l Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar l 1936

Achhut Kanya l Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar l 1936

Synopsis : A circular story, told in flashback, in which eternal repetition is only interrupted by death in the form of a relentlessly linear railway engine. The film opens at a railway crossing where a man is about to kill his wife when the narrative spins into the past via a song. The central story is of the unhappy love affair between Kasturi (Devika Rani), the Harijan (Untouchable) daughter of the railway level-crossing guard Dukhia (Prasad), and Pratap (Kumar), the Brahmin son of the grocer Mohan (Pithawala). At first, rumour and mob violence are deployed to lethal effect in order to maintain a ‘traditional’, oppressive morality. Later, when the main protagonists are about to conform and marry selected partners, rumour and maliciousness again intervene to trigger renewed violence until the on-rushing train of fate stops the strife.

Director:Franz Osten
Producer:Himansu Rai
Music:Saraswati Devi
Main Cast:Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar, Monorama, Kamta Prasad, Pramila, Kusum Kumari, Anwari Begum, P.F. Pithawala, Kishori Lal, Ishrat, N.M. Joshi, Khosla, Sunita Devi, Najam Naqvi
Banner:Bombay Talkies

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