Full Movie: Aayega Aanewala l Sanjeev Kumar, Kumkum l 1967

Aayega Aanewala l Sanjeev Kumar, Kumkum l 1967

Synopsis : Aayega Aanewala is a horror cum romance based movie. Raj was an inspector and assigned an intricate case of missing people. He sets himself to solve the case all alone. The case was of Shimla and he travel there by train. During travelling he met a lady in his compartment and suddenly she disappeared. He was worried all the way to Shimla. In Shimla he again met a lady who was similar to the lady with whom Raj met in the train. Raj fall in love with the girl and tell her about his mission. The lady then reveals that a professor used to kidnap people, kill them and makes them into statues in a secret room and the lady whom he had met in train was her twin sister and she was an evil spirit of her. The climax deals how Raj finds that professor and killed him.

Director: Kewal Mishra
Producer: Kewal Prasad
Music: Sapan Jagmohan
Main Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Bela Bose, Kumkum, Agha… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1967

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