Full Movie: Aaya Toofan l Dara Singh, Chanpilala, Helen l 1964

Aaya Toofan l Dara Singh, Chanpilala, Helen l 1964

Synopsis : Deepu (Dara Singh)’s son Raja Bharat is a well built man and leaves with Mallu on top of hill in a cave like settlement. A Demon once caught hold of Chanda (Helen) a beautiful girl and sister of king Raja Naagsen. The Demon extorts her but on the way meets Deepu. Deepu successfully releases Chanda from the chains of the Demon and kills the Demon as well. Before the King’s men set out for search of his sister, Queen Chanda, Deepu broght her safely in his court. He is rewarded, asks the King to give away his sister Chanda to Deepu. As the King comes to know that Deepu is the son of Raja Bharat, the king acknowledges to the court that it was Raja Bharat who killed the King’s father brutally by breaking his neck from his father. So the King orders to catch hero, but he escapes. After several attempts of catching Deepu, finally Kala, King’s second wife, makes it possible. She acts as is she falls love with Deepu and when Deepu relents to love Kala, she orders to make him blind. The King pushes out Deepu and Chanda and order the villagers not to help them. Chanda, in order that Deepu gets his vision back, goes to find Moti. But she entraps herself in the magic world. Deepu’s friend Mallu gets the Moti for him and Deepu gets his vision back. On the other side the King’s court men plays tricks against him and come in command as King and threatens the King, for his life, to sign the papers which will officially make him the King of the area. But before this happens, Deepu arrives at the situation and after a long fight, saves the King as well as kills the evil court men. On seeing this the King accepts the relation of Deepu & Chanda and they live happily ever after.

Director: Mohd. Hussien Jr.
Producer: Ratan Mohan
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Dara Singh, Chanpilala, Helen, Shyam Kumar… more
Genre: Action
Banner: R. M. Art Productions
Release: 1964

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