Full Movie: Aashray – The Shelter l Anita Das, Amol Palekar l 1984


Aashray – The Shelter l Anita Das, Amol Palekar l 1984

Synopsis : The film seeks to expose the myth of `shelter and underlines the var- ious levels of exploitation practiced under its guise. Amit Verma of Lucknow finds himself uprooted from the traditional shelter of home and society, When his elder brother-the main bread-earner of the fami- ly-gets brutally murdered. He seeks the shelter of a job which brings about decadence and capitulation to curruption. In the end he finds refuge in himself and shows the triumph of human spirit and will over the cess pools of life.

Release date : 1984
Actors: Anita Das, Shafi Inamdar, Amol Palekar
Director : Biplab Roy Chowdhury
Producer : Biplab Roy Chowdhury
Writer : Biplab Roy Chowdhury

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