Full Movie: Aankh Micholi l Mala Sinha, Shekar l 1962


Aankh Micholi l Mala Sinha, Shekar l 1962

Synopsis : Naintara is a theatre dancer. She originally is Maya who is blamed of murdering lady Hiramani meanwhile Shekhar enters the scenario claiming to be Naintara’s husband. Naintara falls into the trap of the police and a lawyer (her neighbour) who constantly tries to murder her and it is proved that she is not Naintara but Maya. Now the query is why did Maya kill Lady Hiramani. She was her secretary and the Lady had bequeathed her entire property in her name. Lady Hiramani’s brother came to know of this and he killed her sister and wanted to kill Maya, too. But here Shekhar comes to her rescue. Lady Hiramani brother is none other than the lawyer, her neighbour. But, even he didn’t kill Lady Hiramani…it was his twin brother who faked it up and aimed at killing Maya.

Director: Ravindra, Ravindra Dave
Music: Chitragupta
Main Cast: Mala Sinha, Shekar, Leela Mishra, Jagdish Raj… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Varma Production
Release: 1962

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