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Review: Zombie Hunter (2013)

Directed by: K. King | 93 minutes | action, comedy, fiction, thriller | Actors: Martin Copping, Clare Niederpruem, Jade Regier, Jake Suazo, Jason K. Wixom, Danny Trejo, Jarrod Phillips, Michael Monasterio, Shona Kay, Terry Guthrie, Jeff Kirkham, Amy Savannah, Marianne Smithd

Debuting director K. King really throws everything in the battle to bring his low budget zombie to the attention. He managed to get cult hero Danny ‘Machete’ Trejo for a (secondary) role and he presents a sexy pole dance scene. The most remarkable trick this cinematographic rookie uses is to flirt with the offending advertising slogan ‘based on a true story’. You must see a zombie film that is taken from real life, right?

Zombie Hunter is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A loner drives a dilapidated Chevrolet Camaro. His trunk is filled with booze and weapons and he’s on the hunt for carnivores. The man slaughters all the zombies that cross his path and tries to put his past behind him. When he meets other survivors, he wants to fight the undead with them.

Of course, that ‘based on a true story’ makes no sense, but it is funny. ‘Zombie Hunter’ contains a number of fun finds. The design, for example. King has allowed himself to be influenced by grindhouse cinema and that produces funny scenes in which faded color filters and strange montages emerge. As if you are watching a very old 1970s exploitation film. Unfortunately, the special effects do not fit that era at all. Instead of opting for old-fashioned handicrafts, make do with cheap looking computer effects. Costs and effort have been spared …

Trejo is on a roll. He will never become a great actor, but he gets along well with this unpretentious pulp. The actresses are clearly cast on their appearance and that works out well in a pointless pole dance scene. ‘Zombie Hunter’ does what it promises (slaughter zombies). But unfortunately it takes a long time before a little pace is made. Probably due to budgetary considerations.

Until the bloodshed happens, you have to do it with excruciating dialogue and cheesy music. ‘Zombie Hunter’ is overly wrong and idiot. Nice for the genre fan, but the lover of more realistic films can better ignore this pulp.

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