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Review: Zoë (2007)

Directed by: Dorothée van den Berghe | 10 minutes | drama, short film | Actors: Natali Broods,

In an apartment that looks as if the occupant (s) have just moved in, a woman and a man fight a silent battle. The woman is visibly affected by something that happened before, tells the man that she really should go to sleep, but when the man – who is already wearing his coat – comes to bring a cup of tea, all she has left is a slip and the ‘bad idea’ is implemented. However, the half-hearted seduction attempt comes to nothing because the man’s cell phone rings. From that moment on, the viewer knows exactly what the situation is like.

“Zoë”, a by the Flemish screenwriter and director Dorothée van den Berghe, treads well-trodden paths, because there are plenty of films about extramarital relationships. It is therefore not the course of the story that fascinates the viewer. The strong acting of the two actors, especially Natali Broods, ensures that the viewer becomes emotionally involved in the story. Also kudos to the camerawork: the consists of a long shot. Nice exercise for the director who would later be canning “My Queen Karo”.

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