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Review: Zim and Co. (2005)

Director: Pierre Jolivet | 90 minutes | comedy | Actors: Adrien Jolivet, Mhamed Arezki, Yannick Nasso, Naidra Ayadi, Nathalie Richard, Nicolas Marié, Maka Kotto, Abbes Zahmani, Jean-Philippe Vidal, Guilaine Londez, Michelle Goddet, Jean-Claude Frissung, Pierre Diot, Nada Strancar, Wilfried Romoli , Francis Leplay, Eric Prat, Thierry Levaret, Michel Fortin, Daniel Berlioux, Abdelhafid Metalsi, Vincent Grass,

“Zim and Co” is a refreshing, charming film about four French friends. The protagonist Victor Zimbietrovski, by everyone called Zim, gets into trouble when he doesn’t give way to a motorist. He is taken to the police station and there they find out that he has a criminal record, albeit for a minor offense. He is now being tested positive for drugs and has become a “frequent offender”. The judge advises him to find a job as soon as possible, so that the chance that he ends up in prison is significantly reduced. Zim does have a job, several even, he plays guitar in a band, works black in markets and helps his mother, who is a plumber. But yes, a job with a contract and salary slips, that’s still missing.
Zim tells nothing to his mother (with whom he has an excellent relationship) and everything to his friends, Cheb and Arthur. He goes looking for a job in good spirits, and soon finds the perfect job (seller of skateboards) with some bluffing. The only problem is that he needs a driver’s license, a (German) car and a high school diploma within ten days (because he just bluffed that for convenience). With the help of his friends, he does everything he can to get this done. He then finds himself in the most extreme situations, is threatened with a gun, is cheated by a car salesman and passes his driver’s license in one go, despite the fact that he damaged both the front and rear bumpers while parking …

Adrien Jolivet, son of director Pierre Jolivet, portrays a charming character for whom the viewer can muster immediate sympathy. His baby face, long locks and casual attitude mean that you can immediately forgive him for his mistakes. Zim’s friends, Cheb and Arthur, are also perfectly played by and respectively. All three have a very natural appearance. Cheb is the inventor of the three, and comes up with the strangest gadgets, with which he hopes to make a big hit. Arthur does an internship at a shop, but falls victim to a discriminating boss and is forced to increase the wrath of his strict father. Safia, Zim’s love interest, is a breath of fresh air from all the Hollywood beauty that comes your way in most mainstream movies. The film manages to avoid all clichés and is brimming with energy due to the short shots and fast editing. The contributes to this. The dialogues are also very strong. In a funny way, themes such as racism and underprivileged young people in the outskirts of a big city (Paris) are treated. The hopelessness of these low-educated young people is poignant, because they often find themselves in a vicious circle. Because “Zim and Co” is more than drama, the reality may be a bit different from what is sketched here, but the fact remains that the film can certainly be labeled as a “must-see”. A film that you can hold in your heart.

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