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Review: Wrath of Cain (2010)

Directed by: | 83 minutes | | Actors: Ving Rhames, , , , Robert LaSardo, Erick Nathan, , Johnny Chavez, , , , Poncho Hodges, DaJuan Johnson, ,

As the title suggests, “Wrath Of Cain” is about anger and rage. Protagonist Cain (Ving Rhames) is serving a life sentence for various criminal acts from his past. Pursued by his conscience and wary of the abuses in the rough American prison, he also turns out to be incurably ill. Ving Rhames presents himself as the ultimate embodiment of a long-lived criminal, who, in the meantime, faces his actions. Rhames doesn’t seem to have any difficulty in conveying his character’s pent-up emotions to the viewer through facial expressions and language. A slice of cake for Rhames, who once started as a theater actor after studying at a renowned American school. There is a danger of overreaction. Rhames’s chunky appearance tends to be caricatural. Fortunately, “Wrath Of Cain” offers Rhames enough room for a well-balanced character as the main character. A few flashbacks complete the life story around Cain and bring the viewer back outside the prison walls for a change.

“Wrath of Cain” suspects a flat action movie with a good dose of entertaining violence. Even though the fans will get their money’s worth, this also appears to have a high moralistic content. Themes like regret, facing your sins and staying on the right path seem to have been of great value to the creators.

With “Wrath Of Cain” director Ryan Combs delivers a mediocre but neat record of American prison life. He emphasizes once again the danger lurking in every corner and hallway. Threats coming from both prison staff and inmates themselves, such as when Cain is left chained and alone with his armed rival and fellow inmate. It provides exciting moments in a film that of course does not have too much content. All in all, “Wrath Of Cain” is an entertaining gangster that will provide the necessary entertainment level. But whether the film will also be remembered for a long time, every viewer can decide for themselves.

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