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Review: Worms (2007)

Director: | 5 minutes | , short | Actors:

In the Animation Tour 2008 many different films are shown of the best that the Netherlands has to offer in short animation films. “Worms” by Sil van der Woerd is an odd man out in some respects. In most films in the program sound and are in the service of the images, with “Worms” it seems the other way around.

“Worms” is a music video by Dutch singer Lolly Jane Blue, whose song is very reminiscent of Tori Amos. She uses the same emotional outbursts, her voice has similarities with that of the red-haired American singer and the lyrics could also be on a Tori Amos album. The fact that the music video that accompanies the song ultimately impresses more than the music itself is entirely due to the talented director. The deepest layers of the fictional world into which the Lolly Jane Blue, raised in a beautiful ball gown, descends are depicted in a particularly fairytale and dreamlike way. Lolly Jane Blue moves in a deep, beautifully colored ocean, where hands like fish swim around her and she moves among the jellyfish and seems to give light. Very beautiful and creative.

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