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Review: Women Talking Dirty (1999)

Directed by: Coky Giedroyc | 97 minutes | , comedy | Actors: , Gina McKee, , , , , Ken Drury, Julien Lambroschini, Barbara Rafferty, , , , Bertie Highmore, , Jackie Balfour , , , Carter Ferguson, , Nicole Marie Hood,

Well-made small , based on Isla Dewar’s book, which draws on the excellent acting performances of the lead actors Helena Bonham-Carter and Gina McKee. The role of the wild and expressive Cora is written on Bonham-Carter’s fragile . She controls the neurotic gestures that betray Cora’s uninhibited behavior right down to her fingertips. It is also clear to see from the unusual clothing combinations and the bizarre hairstyle that Cora is quite a freebooter. Yet Bonham-Carter manages to control herself and not portray a completely disturbed person, but to keep her character sympathetic. Gina McKee has the, in itself ungrateful, task of placing an inconspicuous gray mouse next to Cora. But she appropriates Ellen, aided by her pale skin and her permanently sadly standing facial features – and also shows that in addition to the passive appearance, she has an iron perseverance.

The interaction between the two actresses is very strong and while the pair don’t seem to really fit together, their friendship is portrayed credibly. What more can not be said about the plot development. Their not too rosy life is in fact further confused by the presence of the sneaky and unreliable Daniel, a nice villain role by James Purefoy. This con man and professional gambler is officially Ellen’s boyfriend, which doesn’t stop him from treating her scandalous and cheating on her. One of his victims is Cora, who is attracted by his rugged charm, unaware that he is Ellen’s friend. Later in the film, when he pretends his nose is bleeding and casually introduces himself to her in front of Ellen, Cora already knows what time it is, but is afraid to tell her friend that she got pregnant with Daniel. Ultimately, it is inevitable that Daniel will leave Ellen and find out who the father of Cora’s child is.

Meanwhile, Ellen’s colleague Stanley (James Nesbitt) falls in love with her, without expressing these feelings, and several friends, including aging lovers George (Kenneth Granham) and Ronald (Richard Wilson) and former pianist Emily (Eileen Atkins) for their fate. During a joint dinner full of flashbacks it comes to a hard confrontation. Although there is a lot wrong with the structure and structure of the film, the acting and beautiful images in and around Edinburgh provide plenty of entertainment. The protagonists have a few comical scenes, there is a lot of drinking, crying, and support from each other because of the misery that men cause. Because the story is so unrealistic and the setbacks are not supercharged, there is really only one outcome for this comic drama.

The title of the film is rather exaggerated and not very aptly chosen. Except for one fragment and a loose assortment of curses, the ladies don’t really talk “dirty”. In any case, no flag covering the cargo.

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