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Review: Wolfsmelk (2013)

Director: Hans Vercauter | 14 minutes | drama | Actors: Wouter Hendrickx, Ben Segers, Marijke Pinoy, Wine Dierickx, Oliver Pintens,

Euphorbia is a collective name for the plant species that contains white, poisonous and irritating milky sap. Milk as dangerous as a wolf. In this short by Hans Vercauter, Marcus (Wouter Hendrickx, also seen in “The Sadness of Things”) comes out of prison after a number of years. Marcus still has an account open with his brother Simon (Ben Segers). “Euphorbia” is a film that tells about brotherly love and a lie. A lie that threatens a to fall apart. As Marcus’s father says, “Memory is like a dog. It will lie where it wants. ”

“Euphorbia” won the jury prize at the Montréal World Festival 2013. A in 14 minutes. A typical view of “honesty is the best policy.”

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