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Review: Winter Passing (2005)

Director: Adam Rapp | 95 minutes | drama | Actors: Zooey Deschanel, Ed Harris, Will Ferrell, Amelia Warner, Darrell Larson, John Bedford Lloyd, Deirdre O’Connell, Mandy Siegfried, Amy Madigan, Dallas Roberts, Ivan Martin, Robert Beitzel, Laurie Kennedy, Mary Jo Deschanel,

Who would have ever thought of seeing Will Ferrell in a really serious role? And well done too. He follows in the footsteps of comedians like Jim Carrey and also Tom Hanks, who, like him, made a name for themselves in the famous American show ‘Saturday Night Live’ and who, after a career of stand-up and some funny films, also found it time. for more serious work. Hanks has (rightly) received two Oscars for his roles in “Philadelphia” (1993) and “Forrest Gump” (1994) respectively. Will it ever come to that with Will Ferrell? “Winter Passing” has not been a hit and his role, while significant, was not the most important of the film. That’s for Zooey Deschanel.

The young actress has appeared in several well-known titles, but seems to feel at home in the smaller independent productions, which perhaps explains her “from which do I know her again?” Status. A pleasant actress who stands out for her natural play and who has just as beautiful eyes as Debra Winger, the actress who broke through in the eighties with “An Officer and a Gentleman”. In addition to Will Ferrell (and the not-yet-famous Amelia Warner), she is assisted by the ever-strong Ed Harris, who, after a scary gangster in ‘A of Violence’ (2005), once again had an appetite for the role that reminds us his role in ‘Pollock’ (2000). He also portrays an exasperated genius here, but with more hair and more booze.

The story opens in New York, where the first half will take place. Then we transfer by Greyhound to Michigan, Reese’s hometown, where she faces a renewed confrontation with her father, who is joined by the two outsiders, who also have their own stories. Especially Reese, of whom we do not yet know in the first part why she behaves so destructively and why she hurts herself and others so literally and figuratively, is no sweetheart. As she joins her father and his company in the second half, the pieces of the puzzle slowly begin to fall into place and the path of forgiveness begins.

This is a movie of which you don’t really know what to expect at first, if you know the cast and see the cover and poster. You may be tempted to expect comedy. Perhaps that lack of a pronounced exterior has played tricks on the film, which does not alter the fact that the inside is worthwhile. The game is good on all sides and the plot develops steadily and according to your wishes. No exaggerated sentiments, but subtle humanity in four individuals, none of whom evoke direct sympathy. The music is somewhat cliché: gently plucking guitars, electric and / or acoustic, are used a little too often in such films; a (literally) cheap solution that works, but offers no surprises. Just like the rest of the movie, in which the biggest surprise actually comes from Will Ferrell’s good playing and in which the other actors and actresses just do their thing well. Just okay everyone, so.

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