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Review: Wild Things: Foursome (2010)

Director: | 88 minutes | drama, , | Actors: , , , , , , ,

Although the movie poster may suggest otherwise, “Wild Things: Foursome” is anything but thrilling and exciting. A flashy speedboat and scantily clad ladies have to sell the literally and figuratively. And let’s be honest: this of course does not create high expectations. Fortunately we are not disappointed at all and served at our beck and call…. NOT! The film has just one speedboat race and that is also poorly portrayed. In addition, it looks very amateurish. We do not see any spectacular and dangerous steering maneuvers, but just a few boats that simply sail next to each other on an open piece of water at their fastest. We are of course talking about a bet with $ 10,000.00 stake …

The filmmaker immediately has the viewer’s attention. The tension can be cut. On the edge of your seat, you gaze breathlessly at the second selling point of the film, which is thrown into the fray immediately afterwards: women in bikinis and tops. Could it be any more exciting? No, you will have to make do with this… As expected, the story has nothing to do with it. The filmmakers have done a fantastic job of making a rehash of ’s original “Wild Things” (1998). On fronts where the original film was still successful, “Wild Things: Foursome” completely misses the mark. It is not a compelling and brooding crime film with surprising and intriguing plot twists, but a cheap recycled version of the original. Not only the plot and dialogues, but also film locations have been shamelessly copied. The well-developed characters as they still appear in the first part have been replaced by characters without any depth. It is therefore not surprising that the entire cast, with the exception of a few, consists of completely unknown actors and actresses. However, they will not experience their breakthrough with this film.

“Wild Things: Foursome” is typically such a film that adds nothing, but was released purely from a commercial point of view.

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