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Review: Who is She? (2009)

Director: Ruben Pest | 1 minutes | short film | Actors: Ben de Lange, Jolanda van den Berg,

The short film “Who is She?” Is already over, before you realize what the intention is. Filmed with the latest 35mm camera from Aaton; the Penelope, this entire of about one minute in total, is an advertisement for this camera. In the beginning you think you’re watching a classic movie when you see a man walking down the street with a camera on his shoulder. Later we see this man developing a film in his workspace. It turns out to be a commercial when a beautiful lady named Penelope hands over the latest camera of the same name to the man. “Who is She?” Was screened during the 2009 Netherlands Film Festival. It is not clear whether you are watching a cheap commercial here or whether it really has a more artistic purpose. A minute is actually too short to be able to answer this. In any case, “Who is She?” Directed by Ruben Pest, is fun, whatever purpose it was made.

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