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Review: Weenie (2016)

Directed by: Kyle Balda, Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul | 4 minutes | animation, short film, family, musical | Original Voice Cast: Greg Lastrapes, Scarlet Lastrapes, Tara Strong, Jim Ward,

In the animated film “Secret Life of Pets” (“The Secret Life of Pets”), one of the most successful cinema films in the summer of 2016, two dogs end up in a paradise for dogs: a sausage factory. It delivers one of the least interesting passages in the film, because the makers intended that psychedelic dream scene will pass by most of the target group and it also lasts too long. In the short ‘Weenie’, which is included as an extra on the home entertainment release of that film, we get to see what actually goes on in the heads (?) Of those sausages … It will not surprise you that that produces the least interesting video of the trio of mini-movies on ‘Pet Secrets’.

“Weenie” is about a young sausage who does not dare to get off the high diving board and is therefore called “Weenie” by the other sausages. When he sadly retreats to the park, the mayor of Weenieville has just arrived and asks the sad sausage what’s the matter. In a -like sequel, we are then told why you have to be proud to be a “weenie”. The song is uninspired and although the animations are okay, “Weenie” really doesn’t mean much. It’s nowhere funny, rather annoying. Big setback.

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