Review: We Summon the Darkness (2019)


Directed by: Marc Meyers | 91 minutes | horror, thriller, music | Actors: Alexandra Daddario, Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson, Amy Forsyth, Logan Miller, Austin Swift, Johnny Knoxville, Allison McAtee, Tanner Beard, Erik Athavale, Stephanie Moroz, Harry Nelken, Dennis Scullard

There was a time when rap and hip hop were not among the most dangerous music movements in the world. In the late 80’s heavy metal was music for devil worshipers and Satanism and metal were continuously associated with each other. Especially from a Christian angle. During this period “We Summon The Darkness” takes place. Fans of harder music will have fun with the soundtrack.

“We Summon The Darkness” is about three girls who go to a heavy metal concert. The band the trio comes for uses Satanic lyrics. Naturally, the ladies stand out in a concert mainly attended by men. When the girls come into contact with three boys, a cozy atmosphere is created. When the ladies propose to continue the party in a remote house that belongs to one of the girls’ stepmother, the men think they are in for a treat. There must be an adventure in it! Nothing could be further from the truth.

To enjoy this movie as much as possible, it is important to enter it blank. The less prior knowledge, the better. There is a plot twist in this film that puts things on edge. The great strength of “We Summon the Darkness” is the setting and the casting. Alexandra Daddario in particular clearly enjoys her role and that results in a film that passes you at full speed. Former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville may appear in a small role. Although his share is promoted quite prominently on the movie poster, he is rarely featured. Fortunately, because his game is not very strong.

The somewhat dingy atmosphere seems to promise a raunchy horror film, but that turns out to be disappointing in practice. “We Summon The Darkness” is a great horror thriller for a wide audience. The metal sauce and the eighties setting make this movie just a bit more special than the average Hollywood slasher.

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