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Review: Wastelands (2020)

Directed by: | 97 minutes | , | Actors: , Yildirim, , , , , Dominic O’Flynn, , , , , ,

Psychodrama from the perspective of the unstable Alice (Linton), who tries to find her way in adult life within a visually excellently elaborated framework. Whether stirring food or having sex, the viewer is drawn into the maelstrom of her mind. For some viewers it will be difficult to sustain – little is said or switched back to a rational mode, this is the translation of the main character’s state of mind.

Without a doubt a conscious choice of the makers. Keeping measure (especially in the field of sex scenes) and good timing is also an art, and in that respect the English “Wastelands” remains at a conceptual stage. You could also argue that a psychically unstable mind does not adhere to linear dramatic rules, but the maker has to make the step towards the viewer; not scare her or him away with overkill or fuss, is our humble opinion.

Including this imperfection, “Wastelands” is an experience in itself. In the there is a stage act, at least a high focus is required of the actors, and there too it could have been a bit better. Such a film does not require a good debut or anything of that nature, but top actors like and / or . Despite good intentions and acting, the film goes too far for ambition.

“Wastelands” needed a top-heavy cast, that much is clear. Still possible of course. We haven’t talked much about the plot yet, but that’s not necessarily necessary. There is a duel of rapprochement and repulsion with a lover (Yildirim) and caring for an old father (Botha) – a bit much for the viewer’s attention. At the end, she learned something about Alice’s past. What doesn’t matter that much; the film is concluded in its own style.

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