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Review: warriors two-Zan Xians横y u Zhao Q Ian hu A (1978)

Directed by: | 91 minutes | , | Actors: Sammo Hung, , , , , , , ,

Everyone who has ever seen one of his films knows that Sammo Hung’s fighting skills are almost unparalleled. And all those also know that his sense of humor is second to none, but in the negative sense of the word. What lame jokes this man makes! Anyway, when Sammo’s obligatory piece of nonsense is over, the movie can really begin and we find ourselves in a meeting of a group of criminals led by Mr. Mo. Much to the surprise of his cronies, the latter has become the local banker. Fortunately for them, the bank turns out to be just a cover for the grand plans Mr. Mo has in store for himself and the city. Unfortunately, there is no place in the plan for the mayor and he will have to be eliminated.

Cashier Hua accidentally overhears the conversation and decides to warn the mayor. He only gets to speak to a helper from the mayor who asks him to come to the river house the next day to discuss the matter further. Naive as he is, the cashier follows this order without question. Once arrived at the river house, it turns out that the helper has set him up and he has to compete against an odds. The young cashier fends off, but lacks the skills to really resist. There is nothing left for him but to flee.

Badly battered, he is received by Fei Chun (Sammo Hung), who takes him to his master, Mr. Tsang, brings. However, the criminals, who have now seized power in the city, do not intend to calm the cashier. To lure him, they decide to kill his mother. This addresses the first classic theme: revenge. This certainly does not mean that such a murder and a possible grieving process are further explored. On the contrary, it is no more than a given. Moreover, in a like this there is no time at all for such drama. Hua needs revenge with it and quickly! To do that, however, he has to take his skills to the next level and asks Mr. Tsang whether he may become his apprentice. Initially, he has his reservations, but still admits. And see the second classic theme: the master and his pupil. Lessons in the Ancient Art of Wing Chung by Mr. Tsang are beautifully displayed. Hua must go to great lengths to achieve the level of concentration necessary to become a good fighter. During the training, Hua and Fei Chun have to compete blindfolded, which in addition to beautiful images, of course also results in the few weak jokes of the secretly watching Fei Chun.

The theme of revenge is further explored when Mr. Tsang is attacked in a very low way by the criminals. He fights to the limit, but even his superb fighting skills are no match for fake games. Fei Chung, Hua and Mr. Tsang decide to get the criminals back. It may come as no surprise that this is going to end in a massive brawl, but all the more surprising are the different techniques on display. Notably Mr. Mo appears to have more to offer than expected.

“Warriors Two” is a fantastic film, certainly one of the classics of its kind. The beautiful images and beautiful techniques simply cannot get boring. Movies like these are not so much about the story, although the classic themes of revenge and the master-apprentice relationship are never lacking, but the scenes. And those scenes have already been very successful. Nevertheless, half a point deduction for the silly jokes.

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