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Review: Warped (2006)

Directed by: Chok Wah Man | 5 minutes | animation, short

Born in 1978, the centipede graduated with this short at the ABK St. Joost in Breda. “Warped” is a very cleverly made film, in which objects take on a life of their own. The filmmaker builds it up carefully. Supported by an energetic beat, the camera follows a round through a (student) house, starting on the stairs, then to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. When the first utensils move, you still think you have imagined it, but it soon turns out that you are trapped in a dreamlike atmosphere, in which objects move, dance, fly or bounce by themselves, often in time with the music. When the hallucinatory images become too much, the camera resorts to the outdoors, but it is not much better there. works carefully and carefully towards a climax. Stripped of logic, but absolutely amusing and rewarding.

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