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Review: Wallander: The Fraud – Wallander: The Betrayal (2013)

Director: Leif Magnusson | 90 minutes | , , | Actors: , , Douglas Johansson, Charlotta Jonsson, , , , , , Hedda Stiernstedt, , Leonard Terfeld, , , ,

A couple argues, after which the woman goes to their spacious villa alone. There she is murdered with a knife. The next day, the daughter of the house, Amanda, arrives. All traces of the crime seem to have been erased and the mother’s has also disappeared. The girl worriedly informs the police, but they do not have to search long. A walker finds the mother’s body near the house. The main suspect is the father: the arrogant and selfish businessman Erik Wredin. However, the police have no idea that the murder is on camera and that strangers are blackmailing Wredin.

Wallander lets his father’s heart speak and tries to take care of Amanda. The girl appears to be mentally unstable and is looking for a comforting shoulder. But Wallander is no longer himself either. For example, he reports his car as stolen while he has simply forgotten where the vehicle was parked. It is also very difficult for him to remember his own number plate. The cop’s tired face speaks volumes. No, this is no longer the bright Wallander as we usually know him. Colleague Martinsson has clearly sensed that something is wrong and quietly begins to ask questions.

Although the screenwriter has clearly done his best to produce a complicated story, this episode was only moderately interesting. Especially the side jump to the blackmailers creates unnecessary noise and seems to have been dragged along with the hair. “The deception” deals in the absence of any enthusiasm and repeats a little too much. Hanning Mankell would no doubt swear.

All we remember are the horrifying images of a confused Wallander revealing a secret in his wardrobe. The chills are still running down our spines. It’s a very strong ending to a faded episode.

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