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Review: Wallander: De rouwvogel – Wallander: Sorgfågeln (2013)

Director: Lisa Ohlin | 90 minutes | , , thriller | Actors: Krister Henriksson, Douglas Johansson, , , Anja Lundkvist, Fredrik Gunnarson, , , , , , , , , Rino Brezina, ,

With “The Mourning Bird” the curtain finally falls over Wallander. After “The Killing” another iconic series disappears from the screen. The void that remains will undoubtedly be filled in soon. But we doubt whether the replacement entertainment will be of an equally high standard.
Wallander and his colleagues are hit hard. The crisis has also hit the police force and Commander Matsson announces a reorganization. In concrete terms, this means that the department in Ystad may be closed down. Wallander, meanwhile, has enough other concerns and tries to keep his head. Which turns out to be no easy task in its condition. The question arises more and more whether he can continue to do his job.

Despite the bad news, the team has to work hard again. Paolo Salina, owner of a restaurant and very wealthy, is kidnapped at his home. At first glance, this seems like a crime for money. But is this really the case? A haze of reigns around Salina. The police have been asking questions about the origin of his fortune for some time. But criminal facts have never been discovered. Wallander opens a dirty business that also involves police. He receives help in the form of a female colleague. But who can actually be trusted?

“The Mourning Bird” is a worthy end to the series. A solid plot, well-balanced tension and a surprising denouement make for a delicious cocktail that we consumed with pleasure. But it is mainly the last images of Wallander that stay with us. With a smile and a tear, we say goodbye to the man who, with his delightfully rebellious behavior and persistent stubbornness, gave us memorable TV nights. Kurt, you’re fine man….

And to be clear: Krister Henriksson is the one and only Wallander. Fuck you Kenneth Branagh.

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