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Review: Vitus (2006)

Director: Fredi M. Murer | 120 minutes | drama, | Actors: Fabrizio Borsani, Theo Gheorghiu, Julika Jenkins, , , Eleni Haupt, Kristina Lykowa, Tamara Scarpellini, , , , , , , Thomas Mathys, , , Adrian Fuhrer, , , , ,

At the age of twelve, the Swiss Vitus (Teo Gheorghiu) already carries a heavy burden on his shoulders. As a musical prodigy and owner of a super IQ of 180, his parents have sky-high hopes for him. Especially his mother (Julika Jenkins) is ambitious. She sees a bright future ahead for her son and puts constant pressure on her son to perform even more and better. Her son’s talents are more important to her than her son himself. His father (Urs Jucker) doesn’t help Vitus either. He is rarely at home and always busy with his work. Vitus is not happy. He suffers from being different from the other kids and tries to solve that in his own way.

In the short prologue of the , it quickly becomes clear that six-year-old Vitus (Fabrizio Borsani) is exceptionally gifted: he plays the piano exceptionally well and the encyclopedia is his favorite reading book. That does not alter the fact that he prefers to be in the company of his eccentric grandfather (Bruno Ganz). He takes life as it comes and for him Vitus can be the child he still is. Both have a love for flying, chess and secrets. He also feels at ease with his twelve-year-old babysitter (Kristina Lykowa). As Vitus gets older, he feels increasingly unhappy. His mom and dad mean well, but are only concerned with his achievements and the glorious career that awaits him. The fact that there are problems in the company where his father works does not make the situation at home any better.

At the age of twelve, Vitus (Teo Gheorghiu) decides to take his fate into his own hands. This miraculously changes his life and gives Vitus the opportunity to live the life of a normal twelve-year-old. That is, when he is at home or at school… His grandfather is the only one who knows about the doubles that Vitus plays. “Vitus” was nominated in Switzerland for the best script and was chosen as the best film. It is a nice, sometimes fairytale-like film in which the warm relationship between Vitus and his grandfather is particularly striking. But the one who really steals the show is Fabrizio Borsani with his convincing and moving portrayal of six-year-old Vitus.

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