Review: Varg Veum: Cold Hearts – Varg Veum – Cold Hearts (2012)


Directed by: Trond Espen Seim | 90 minutes | crime | Actors: Trond Espen Seim, Lene Nystrøm, Bjørn Floberg, Ingrid Olava, Mads Ousdal, Kim Sørensen, Gitte Witt

Private detective Varg Veum operates at the bottom of society. This man is not afraid to get his hands dirty and is researching things that cannot bear the light of day. In “Kalde Hjerter” – translated into Dutch as “Cold hearts” – Veum dives into the world of prostitution. A world that remains hidden from many people. There is a reason for that.

One day Veum is startled by the arrival of a prostitute. The lady of easy morals wants the detective to help her find her friend Margrethe. The woman has disappeared without a trace. Because Margrethe had a disagreement with a customer, her friend is worried that something bad has happened. Veum takes the case, but soon finds himself in a shadowy subculture he does not know. He is completely out of his element.

The dark story in combination with the chilly appearance of the Norwegian landscape creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. Varg Veum is therefore a film series that relies on the atmosphere. Atmosphere and character development to be precise. In each episode you get to know the charismatic Veum better and better. That keeps the series fresh and exciting. Unlike series like “Derrick” and “Baantjer”, “Varg Veum” is really about the title character. That makes this series a bit different from the competition. You will increasingly care about this antihero. The matters with which Veum is involved are also slightly rougher than the daily worries of the competition. Veum really ventures into the underworld and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

This film is once again exciting and well acted. Seim has completely mastered the title character. The Norwegian is pleasant to watch and also knows how to emphasize the less beautiful sides of Veum. This character can last for years to come. Private detective Varg Veum is a creation of the Norwegian writer Gunnar Staalesen, who first introduced him in 1977. In 2007 the first film about the gruff detective was released. The popularity of Veum is steadily increasing and the books have already been translated into Dutch, English, Swedish, Danish and German.

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